Color Trends 2016: Refined Color For Exciting Contrasts

A new coat of paint freshened up the living space visually. The color scheme is crucial for the individual feel-good atmosphere – whether warm and cozy or cool and purist. With the color trends in 2016 you’re in your own home is always “up to date”.Color Trends 2016

Should you want a change, should start from the walls. Always white is boring in the long run. With a new wall color shine living spaces in new splendor. But what color should you choose and what colors go together? Meeting too many color families together, it can quickly become restless. Who wants to be in the selection on the safe side, the help color experts from Dulux. With Colour Futures annually presents the colors of the Year as well as other color palettes. The color trends 2016, inspire and make you want even to take brush and roller in hand.

Color of the Year 2016: Gold Ochre

The Color of the Year 2016 Gold Ochre, a warm, earthy color which alternates between yellow and light brown. The radiant gold nuance gives the color an exclusive luster. If a large wall painted so, this creates a pleasant atmosphere that radiates naturalness and warmth. Gold ocher can also be used specifically as a highlight, for example, by a striking strip. With the developed color palette 2016 Gold Ochre also be combined excellently. A neutral composition is possible with a light brown or Rosetón. Exciting combinations provides the key color in 2016 with four other pallets – developed by the experts of the Global Aesthetic Center. Inspired by the contradictions of our world and the struggle for compensation, four key trends and color schemes have been identified. Originated the pallets “Origin & Future”, “Words & Pictures”, “Freedom & Grid” and “Light & Darkness”.

For each matching the wall color

After the cool blues and greens in recent years the last year was the turning point for warm colors like pink, red, copper and earth tones. Going forward, the color spectrum remains warm – but the sounds are subtle and covered. Red and brown dominate the color palette “Origin and Future”. She draws on tried and true colors, and combines this with fresh colors. A dark red is classic, while a bright orange color radiates modernity. Wall with these shades creates a warm ambience. With the signal color but can also deliberately accents.

Delicate colors in the interplay

Light colors create a fresh airy feel in the living room. Dark tones can make a pleasant counterpoint. The color palette “Words & Pictures” unites ten shades of light beige to turquoise to darker blue and violet. The delicate pastel shades come to their best advantage when several shades come in a space on the application. Inspired the experts from Blue ink and the gray of graphite in contrast to tones that are associated with smartphones and social media.

Exciting contrasts

Dulux brings the urban variety of colors in your own four walls. The range “Freedom & Grid” relies on contrasts: The light pastel tones and bright colors are suitable for those who like their walls somewhat gaudy. To combine pastel pink with a bright green, may seem risky. But it is precisely in this exceptional compilation, the palette unfolds its voltage potential. The colors in this palette are playful, but are still being held by the black and white of the grid at bay.

Dark colors and play of light

In addition to the light and the darkness for a balanced and healthy living environment is required. The color experts at Dulux have created a special range of “Light & Darkness” from predominantly dark tones. The hues of the palette to go almost seamlessly into one another. In contrast, the luminance of other colors comes to their best advantage. With a delicate silver gray and powerful gold ocher highlights can be set.

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