4 Simple Tips For Wall Design

How to spice up your own four walls effectively with a few simple tips?

Attached to inner walls decoration underline effectively the own style. They are either the perfect stylistic complement to the interior, or form a striking contrast to this. Even with the design of a single wall in a different style you can give a special touch to the room.wall design

Bulletin boards – practical and decorative

Bulletin boards are no longer just simple wooden frame with an inner surface of coated cork, on which one attaches list and photos with a kind of nail: There she played in various shapes and colors, made ​​of natural materials, metal and even glass. Bulletin boards or pin boards as they actually mean are practical helpers in everyday use because they remind you of important dates and addresses. Also photos, postcards, and other personal belongings do well on bulletin boards. Above the desk attached, they are primarily useful, in addition to the favorite armchair create decorated with a comfort zone very personal nature. A brushed stainless steel with magnetic pins fit perfectly with interiors with lots of glass and chrome, pin boards made ​​of colored cloth are useful Memos for the kitchen.

Photos and Images

Photos, Prints and original paintings give the room a very personal touch. They can be individually, in series or as a hanging grid. Beautifully looks also attached to the murals bar with loosely placed thereon framed photos and other personal belongings. Who loves Large Format should increase his favorite photo, so print on a canvas, drag it to a wooden frame and the framed artwork hanging, because an even been shot photo on canvas is a special place.

Who wants to decorate his walls with his own framed photographs, should be careful not to attach too many of them, since the space otherwise seems overloaded. When hung in series of images you should make sure that the individual decorative objects have the same distance from each other so that each object individually affects the viewer. When Rasterhängung photos of the same size to be fixed with a uniform framing in an imaginary square or rectangle on the wall, so that a harmonious overall impression.

Wall shelves

Wall shelves are stable, practical small furniture, creating order in the room. They are available as simple shelves, shelf geometric elements on a wall shelf combination bar or as a trendy modular shelving system. Wooden shelves give the room a natural touch and fit into almost any home interior, shelves of metal or glass are the best in a futuristic ambience advantage. Grouped square shelves with colored rear wall, reminiscent of paintings by Piet Mondrian fit well with furniture in the Bauhaus style. Kitchen shelves often have additional storage space in the form of small drawers with Knauf, Bookshelves for children’s ornaments with animal or fairy tale motifs.

Wall mirrors for added visual effects

Wall mirror in a simple design fits perfectly in a modern furnished home, as individual mirror surfaces side by side Ensure that the room is visually bigger and brighter on a room-dividing intermediate wall opposite the window. Wall mirror from the flea market with baroque frame and antique finish are a stylish addition to a Shabby-style interior, while Wandspiegel fit well with beaded gold frames and flourishes to massive furniture in French country style.

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