The best lingerie for an apple shaped body

Not all women has the same body shape and there are obvious differences between individuals, however according to the main measurements of the body, almost all body shapes may be included on one of five kinds of body shape: apple shape, pear shape, column shape, hourglasses and strawberries shapes.

Each one of this patterns is defined because of the main diameter of the body, thus the appropriate lingerie for a woman with a particular shape must enhance the lower measures while narrows or hides the biggest one.Apple body shape

In the particular case of an apple shaped body, the main diameter is the waistline, so the bust and hips are narrower than the waist which is the predominant diameter of the body. Most women with this body shape fail choosing the proper model of underwear and thereby their shape becomes wider instead of longer which is not the desirable result.

Instead, the best lingerie for an apple shaped body is that which enhances the bust and hips while hidding a little bit the stomach; to achieve this objective there are several options, each one adapted for a particular situation or dressing style.

Bodysuits with deep V-necks are a great option while their give the optic impression of elongate the body; another great model for this shape are the one-piece underwears instead of a bra and undies; the single piece lingerie enhance the bust, elongates the body and at same time hides a little bit that piece of the body that is a little bigger than we would like.

Since the one piece models may be great to look sexy, perhaps it is not the best option Lingerie for apple body shapefor working or sport where a two pieces underwear would be the best choice, in such cases it is important to properly choose both the bra and briefs; so, let’s begin with the bra.

Most of apple shaped women has large bust (even when the diameter it is not the bigger); so it is important to give appropriate support to the breasts in order to raise and project them; this will put away the breast from the waist making the body to look longer.

The best choices of bra for the apple shaped body when the bust is big are half cups, full cups and in those cases of very big boobs, minimiser bra; on the other hand if you are one of those apple with small bust perhaps the best option for you is a balconette or plunge bra.

No matter the size of the bust, all apple shaped women must stay away from strapless and triangle bras while the provided support is too poor.

Once you have picked up the best bra, it is time to choose the perfect brief and now due to narrow hips and a little bit of stomach, it is necessary a small change on the curves pattern, so the stomach must be planned while the hips enhanced.

The best for this purpose is a French knicker, a classical, elegant model which will make your body sensational but, if you wish something of the last generation, perhaps you will prefer the most modern shapewear models such as wonder knickers, waist cinchers and control pants, all of them great allies to shape your body and make you to look great.

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