Choosing the best lingerie to fit your body

Once upon a time, only a kind of underwear was available for every woman and every situation; life was so easy on those time but … it was also boring … don’t you think?

Fortunately, modern times brought with them a wide selection of fabrics, colors, models and styles that made of the underwear a colorful, sexy festival; now there are an option for every taste and a model for each body shape; thus now to buy lingerie is a lot more funny but a little bit complicated too.

With the widening of models, colors, fabrics and cuts it is very important to make the proper selection of the lingerie wich fits your body; perhaps a particular model looks great on the store or worn by an stunning model but … is it right for you?The best lingerie to fit your body shape

Certainly the best way to figure it is going onto the fitting room but with so many models available you will not able to try everyone, on this serie of post you will find week by week, tips for choosing the best lingerie for you; obviously there are individual differences and this serie of post does not pretend to turn onto the Holy Grail of lingerie selection, instead it is a general guideline which will help you to choose among the almost infinite available options those which more probably will fit your body, so you will have to try less bras and panties to find the right one.

Of course there are personal differences about the style, colors and models for the underwear, nevertheless a general guide about the best lingerie to fit your body will save you a lot of time when buying bras, panties and so on.

Another point to keep in mind when choosing lingerie is when it will be used, due to fabric differences, levels of supports and contouring capabilities, not every underwear is appropriate for every circumstance and every dressing style, thus a panty to be used with a formal dress is very different from that intended to be worn during the exercises; so set of underwear on a modern woman’s wardrobe is huge and it is important that every piece of underwear fits perfectly your shape in order to make you bright and sexy no matter the situation, the dressing style or the circumstances.

On this serie you will discover how to find best the best lingerie to fit your body towards the description of different body shapes and the best strategies to enhance the positive attributes and hide those which we would not like to show much.

Keep in touch and discover every week which is the best lingerie to fit your body, your relatives’ and also your friends’ one.

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