Some Popular Types of Backyard Cottage Ideas

Backyard cottage ideas may consist of various styles and floor plans, some single story and others two-story or multi-level.

Seattle Backyard Cottage traditional house exterior pictures

A cottage can be simplistic in design or luxuriously constructed, some furnished with a balcony. Early American or modern contemporary are a few styles of backyard cottage ideas, both of which may be used as a guest house or home office. Depending upon the backyard layout, some cottages include one large bedroom or two small bedrooms, as well as an efficiency kitchen.

A cottage built in the backyard of one’s home may also be made into a small studio unit. This style of cottage will not have a separate bedroom. Instead, there will be one large room, intended for sleeping and cooking. At the far end or corner of the room will be a bathroom.

Many backyard cottage ideas are built with a provincial design, made to coordinate with a country setting and country backyard decor.

This style of cottage may resemble a miniature farmhouse, if located in the backyard of a small farm. Some people prefer to use backyard cottage ideas as tool sheds or for storage. A backyard cottage may be used as a workshop.

One popular backyard cottage design is known as a garage style. These backyard cottage ideas are typically built in the yard of a home that does not have an attached garage. The cottage may feature a one- or two-car garage. This backyard design is more elaborate than a basic studio country cottage.

Some backyard cottage ideas are built with a small attic or loft. This option is convenient for storage, especially for guests who use the cabin for an extended period of time. The cottage loft may also be used for additional sleeping quarters for a child.

Another feature that can be incorporated into a backyard cottage design is a front porch or patio. A porch built for a backyard cottage will not typically be as large as the porch on the primary house. The rustic structure of many cottages may accommodate a small deck as well. In addition, a fence or gate may be used as part of the backyard decor.

A backyard cottage may be designed as a pool cabana. This cottage style is generally built adjacent to a backyard swimming pool. The pool cabana design will typically have a walk-in area for dining and recreation, as well as a bathroom. The pool cabana design does not typically have a bedroom, although some structures may have a sleeping area.

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