Most Popular Styles of Sliding Door Design

Sliding door design open by sliding horizontally along a track. They are mounted on or suspended from the track and drag in either direction with rollers. There are many different types of sliding doors now available to consumers.

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Aluminum sliding door system for wood door modern interior doors designs

Different Types Of Sliding Door Design

Pocket doors are the ports that are used more frequently in areas where there is no room for an articulated sliding door design. A pocket door slides along its length and disappears in a recess, or pocket, in the adjacent wall. The rollers are typically located on the upper guide even if the tracks are available with the ground.

These sliding doors are used in many applications, including toilets, storage rooms, offices, storage rooms, or other areas of the home where space constraints prevent the use of traditional doors. They are sometimes used to create an architectural effect and can be found in both single and double varieties doors.

Arcadia doors are another popular type of sliding door design. They are rectangular and glass. Arcadia a sliding door is mounted on rollers parallel to a fixed glass panel of similar shape. It aligns with the adjacent glass panel when it is fully open and slides into place when closed.

These ports are often used as a barrier between the inside and the outside of a house, usually it leads to a courtyard or patio. In this application, a Arcadia gate is also called a door window. The name comes from a manufacturer rich in this particular type of sliding door design.

Doors bypass ports are often used for sliding wardrobes and pantry. They glide past and one behind the other when it is open. When closed, it is next to the other and effectively block the opening or entrance. bypass ports are mounted in tracks, it is the top and bottom of the door frame.

Other types include sliding doors and closed shutters, mirrors, screens and shoji French. Louvered doors or locks are typically used to cover closets, equipment rooms and offices. They look real and shutters usually have two doors that slide inwards from a central point.

Door mirrors are technically a subtype of sliding door design. You can find both the pocket doors and bypass. They are usually installed in the cabinet room to give the room a touch more. They also serve the dual purpose of providing a full length mirror in the dressing room.

French doors, although typically ranges are now available in versions to save space. These are traditional French doors modified to slide instead of swing forward in a room.

Shoji screens are another type of sliding door design. They are made of wood and translucent paper and were used by the Japanese for centuries. They have many uses, but became popular in contemporary style with Asian influences. They are most often seen overlooking the garden or patio areas.

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Sliding Door Design

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